Microduino is arduino compatible board in an compact package.

  • Arduino uno compatible
  • Modular
  • Stackable and flexible
  • Open source


Each module in the Microduino family has been optimized to include only the core circuits for it’s specific function to keep the size as low as possible at the best possible price. The main Microduino processor board includes the core processor circuitry, however the USB and DC power regulators have been offloaded to Microduino Shields. So for example, if you have a project that doesn’t need support for DC power above 5 volts, you don’t need to include the Power Microduino Shield, saving you money and keep the overall size down. Or if you don’t need USB on your project, you’d only need one USB Microduino Shield that you’d use to program your boards

Microduino Shields

Just like on the standard Arduino platform, where you can add expansion shields to add more features, the Microduino allows expansion by using Microduino Shields. Whether you want to add communication capabilities (like OLED, Ethernet, USB), sensor readings, drive a display or run motors for your swarm of tiny robots – there is a shield for that. The Microduino Shield interface uses a low cost, very miniature connector that supports all of the signals (and a few spare) that are supported on the standard Arduino Shield connectors. And being so compact, the board to board stackup height is only 3mm, meaning even adding a few Microduino Shields will still allow for an extremely compact final product.

Hardware overview

Core shields

Boards Function Pictures
Microduino-Core Core Module
Arduino uno compatible
Microduino-Core+ Core+ Module
Two hardware serial port
Microduino-FT232R FTDI USB to Serial converter
Using the board to download new sketches

Extension shields

Boards Function Pictures
Microduino-ENC28J60 + Microduino-RJ45 Ethernet shield
IEEE 802.3 compatible
Microduino-nRF24 2.4G wireless shield Ethernet
Microduino-SD SD card shield sd
Microduino-BM Battery manager shield bm
Microduino-OLED OLED shield OLED

Shield Shields

Boards Function Pictures
Test Microduino Shield shield shield

Hardware overview and specifications



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